We are sure that both you and us many times have wondered the same thing – what to do in Birštonas? This beautiful resort is famous for its romantic waterside of the Neman river, sanatoriums, SPA centres and pine forests. However, this town can offer much more than that – visitors are invited to take a swim in water, take a bike ride, enjoy horse riding, taste local delicacies, get to know the history of the city, indulge in health promotion procedures, experience new adventures, have fun, be pleasantly surprised and surprise others.

The team of Čiulba Ulba – organizers of entertainment and recreational activities – invites you to arrange a cheerful and unforgettable trip to Birštonas together with your family, friends or colleagues. We offer recreational ideas to individual and independent travellers or groups of people, depending on their needs and wishes. Have fun, explore, indulge – that is our motto!

Why Birštonas? Because it is a unique resort for those who seek harmony, health and inspiration from nature. Birštonas has that soothing atmosphere and special feeling about it. The pace of life in this peaceful town becomes slower, thus people are able to concentrate better, they see the real beauty behind small things and finally understand what really matters in life. All town’s visitors are invited to enjoy pleasant company and experience unforgettable moments.

Why Čiulba Ulba? We, the team of Čiulba Ulba, wake up every morning with our heads full of new ideas about the ways how to spend time in Birštonas. More than anything, we want to share these ideas with you! We know this resort very well and will gladly recommend you what to do, what to see and how to spend your time in this great resort. There are many interesting activities in here, but will all of them interest you? We will help you decide.

Why should you search for additional activities in Birštonas? Visitorsof this town always enjoy many great bike paths, mineral water procedures under the open sky, long walks along a beautiful waterside, parks and playgrounds for families and children, that are completely free of charge. However, if you still feel like something is missing and you want to try interesting things you have never tried before – leave it to us, we will surprise you!

What kind of activity do you have in mind? Active/educational/ethnographical/nature-related. Just let us know, what would you like to try out, and we will take care of that.

We offer activities for:

  • Gatherings with friends
  • Bachelorette parties
  • Gatherings with colleagues
  • Couples
  • Exceptional events, birthday parties and other celebrations
  • Themed parties/events