Are you tired of quiet, slow and lazy walks by the Neman river? We have a suggestion for you – get to know Birštonas while staying active!
If you choose this tour, you will participate in an orienteering race around Birštonas and its surroundings, will get a chance to ride a tricycle scooter, longboard or roller-skates. On top of that, you will be able to try different sports at your choice.

This package includes:

  • The orienteering race Get to know Birštonasthat has everything you seek – action, ardour and unexpectedness;
  • A training session of lawn tennis or any other sports that you always wanted to try out. Do it with a coach or on your own – it is up to you;
  • A longboard ride or roller-skating (at your choice);
  • A relaxing massage.

Pricefrom 55.00 EUR
Additional information: this tour is intended for 2 people, but bigger groups are welcome too.

Tour duration: 4.5 hrs.