The days when Birštonas was a place for quiet solitude are over! You don’t believe us? We can surprise you! Čiulba Ulbaencourages you to indulge in active leisure activities in WATER, AIR and on EARTH! If you are an adrenaline addict, planning a bachelor party or preparing a bachelorette party surprise for your brave and daredevil friend, this package is what you are looking for!

This package includes (at your choice):

  • Orienteering game (with QR codes) The Detective of Birštonas (either on foot or by bicycles)

This interactive orienteering game includes audio and visual references in QR codes, intriguing mystery story, unexpected tasks and visiting the most beautiful spots of Birštonas resort. We guarantee you an intriguing atmosphere, excitement and a surprise ending… Let us reveal you a secret – the main character of this story will be one of the most famous symbols of Birštonas. Wait no more – become a detective and help to unravel the mystery of Birštonas!

  • History-themed orienteering game (on foot)

Guided by the old pictures of buildings and places in Birštonas, you will have to find out the location of those buildings or places in contemporary Birštonas. You will get two or three hints. However, if you manage to find a correct location without hints, you will get more points. For every used hint you will loose one point. Your goal will be to find the exact location (depicted in the photo) and take a selfie of the whole team at the object. After the game, you will be asked to show every team selfie, taken at the object with your phone, as a proof.

  • An active orienteering game including logic puzzles (by bicycles)

This orienteering game takes place in Birštonas resort. Following the hints, all teams will have to find a particular object or place in Birštonas. For example, if participants get a task: “As Katie would say, there are nine million … in Beijing. Find at least two of them in Birštonas and take selfies near them” will have to find out what kind of object or symbol the hint refers to and discover it. Every task will reveal how to get to the next task. During the whole game, teams have to take selfies at every object so that the whole team and the object itself would be clearly visible. The first team to find all the objects and take all the selfies wins the game. This game will introduce you to Birštonas resort in a funny and interesting way!

  • Night orienteering (on foot or by bicycles; with flashlights)

At your choice, one of the games – The Detective of Birštonas(with QR codes), history-themed orienteering or an active orienteering game including logic puzzles – may be played at night-time. The participants will be provided with flashlights or torches in order to accomplish all the tasks. Moreover, participants will be surprised with additional mysterious and romantic tasks that will reveal the beauty of Birštonas resort at night.

Duration of entertainment activities: 1-2 hours, depending on the chosen orienteering game.