Birštonas is considered to be a family resort, thus your whole family will enjoy the time spent in here.While adults are invited to take pleasure in beauty treatments or try out active leisure activities, your little ones will spend their time in interesting educational activities. You can also choose a collective activity for your whole family, where every member will participate in a fun orienteering race around Birštonas or will engage in other active occupations. Let us prove it to you that Birštonas can surprise everyone – both the little ones and adults!

This package includes:

  • An educational activity for children, called Whale’s cookie – your little ones will bake whale (that is the symbol of Birštonas!) shaped cookies, will eat them themselves and bring some of it home for parents!
  • Lithuanian folklore roundels – an activity and funny class for the smallest ones (intended for preschoolers);
  • Pétanque– a game for the whole family + short instructions and an introduction to the rules;
  • Relaxation in a pool, SPA procedures.

Price75.00 EUR (up to 4 family members)

Tour duration: 4.5 hrs.