It is said that Birštonas is neither in Dzūkija, nor in Sudovia – it is somewhere on the border between those two ethnographic regions.
However, in Birštonas you will be given a chance to observe, make and eat the traditional Dzūkianbuns that are flattened and prepared on cabbage leaves. After satisfying lunch, you will be offered to take a bike ride around Birštonas, as well as to study and get to know the extraordinary qualities of herbs that are common to these lands.

This package includes:

  • Authentic preparation and eating of traditional Dzūkian buns;
  • Themed cycle routes around Birštonas;
  • Educational activity Listen to the language of folk art, during which you will get to know the symbolism of Baltic region and will learn the subtleties of linen sack decoration in patterns that are common to the Baltics. At the end of the lesson, we will cheer you up with a little lucky charm;
  • A meeting with an herbalist, who will introduce you to the local herbs, their exclusive qualities and usage;
  • Educational activity: Visiting a beekeeper and his bees.

Pricefrom 35.00 EUR
Additional information: this tour is usually arranged for bigger groups (more than 10 people), but smaller groups can participate as well.

Tour duration: 5.5 hrs.