The days when Birštonas was a place for quiet solitude are over! You don’t believe us? We can surprise you! Čiulba Ulbaencourages you to indulge in active leisure activities in WATER, AIR and on EARTH!
If you are an adrenaline addict, planning a bachelor party or preparing a bachelorette party surprise for your brave and daredevil friend, this package is what you are looking for!
The entertainment package: Waking, Shooting, Orienteering

This package includes:

  • Water sports and activities in Birštonas Wake Park

Birštonas Wake Park is a perfect place for extreme sports, entertainment and just having a good time! The park has a new and modern track with various obstacles, so both professionals and amateurs will have fun in here. For those who seek less extreme leisure activities, we suggest stand-up paddleboarding. If the weather is favorable, participants are invited to enjoy picnics or organize personal events in the field near the wake park.

  • Archery game Strėliasvydis

Strėliasvydisis an active and exciting team game, during which you will have to shoot a bow at your opponents. Neither special physical preparation nor the ability to shoot a bow is required for this game. We can assure you that Strėliasvydisis perfectly safe – arrows with soft points will bounce off of your opponent, leaving no marks or bruises. Before the game, we will train you how to use a bow – your main task will be to have a good time and feel the excitement of a real battle!