Čiulba Ulba shares their advice:

Where to start, if you are organizing a corporate event?

• Have a small discussion about the activities you already tried and what would you like to do next. Do you have a list of places that your colleagues had already visited with their family or friends and fell in love with?

• Do you dream about a sleepover or would you rather have a day trip? Think about transport – how will you get there and how will you get home? 

• Set your goals and decide what do you have in mind – to build your team, rest in an unformal environment or have a friendly worcation? A clear goal will help you to plan your activities and set out your priorities.• Decide how many people will participate in your event. Will you invite only your colleagues or their spouses and children as well? If you know the exact number of guests, you will be able to choose the most suited activities according to people’s needs, interests and moods.