Invite your colleagues, friends or family members to celebrate various events at the healthiest resort – Birštonas! The ingenious team of Čiulba Ulbawill help you realise and implement the most fantastic ideas that you have in mind.Depending on the number of people in your work team, your circumstances and desired theme, we suggest you to choose one of the following party levels:

  1. Minimal: Let’s do this once and come back again
  2. Medium: We want more!
  3. Maximum: Let us have the party of our lives!

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  • “The Golden awards”
  • Gastronomical route in Birštonas
  • Once in the Italy. Sicily”
  • Degustation guided by the sommelier.
  • Orienteering game “Movie stories – ACTION!”
  • In the rhythm of a JAZZY city.
  • Magic and illusions at the Resort
  • Interwar Birštonas Resort Lunch
  • Team building through improvisation art.
  • “Mafia” evening game.
  • Illuminated Birštonas – An orienteering game at dusk.

Party ideas inspired by the history of Birštonas:

  • Hunting in the Style of Vytautas the Great;
  • Doctors and Healthcare Traditions of Birštonas;
  • An Aristocratic Evening of Interwar Ladies and Gentlemen.

Hunting in the Style of Vytautas the Great

Be prepared for an active daytime programme – teams of colleagues will compete among themselves for power and dominance just as in the times of Vytautas the Great. You will have to solve and overcome various logic puzzles, orientational and survival tasks that are related to the history and legends of Birštonas. You will also build a fire, solve various ciphers and answer various questions. The evening programme will include an act of ordination into knighthood or even dukes, the christening of newcomer teams and the theatricalized discussion of the whole day activities. At last but not least, we will throw you a feast, equal to medieval ages, and will create an atmosphere of past times.

Doctors and Healthcare Traditions of Birštonas

This party theme is related to healthcare traditions in Birštonas resort: in the daytime programme all participants will get their diagnosis and a doctor’s referral. Each participant will play his or her part – some will be doctors, some will be patients – and all together they will have to unravel difficult situations. Some patients will get better, some will not… We will not reveal all the interesting things now, but we can promise you many adventures, excitement and mysteries. In the evening programme, the residents and newcomers will be christened, the participants will be invited to taste healing mixtures and elixirs as well as to take part in other festivities. Undoubtedly, the nutrition will also be dietary and related to the alimentary customs of Birštonas.

 An aristocratic Evening of Interwar Ladies and Gentlemen

If you choose this party theme, you will become the most famous ladies and gentlemen of interwar Birštonas, who participated in various gambling games and had fun in the historical, luxurious Birštonas Kurhaus. During the whole evening, you will have an opportunity to play gangster-themed and role-playing games. You will be introduced to the interwar period music, dances and traditional dishes by culinary virtuosos. Elegant dress code is a must!