Please let us introduce our new thematic routes that will appeal to the likes of young as well as elder visitors. Wait no more and try them out!

The Gastronomic Route in Birštonas by Čiulba Ulba

Birštonas is famous not only for its minerals, meanders of the Neman river, inspiring nature and clean air – this resort is equally famous for its culinary traditions. Čiulba Ulba greets the spring season with delicious novelties and invites town’s guests to try the Gastronomic Route in Birštonas by going into the journey full of flavours, tastes, discoveries, culinary tales and funny stories. Explore and find a different side of Birštonas! Based on their taste and price, the visitors will be allowed to choose between the following routes: A delicious bite, The taste of new discoveries in Birštonas, The gourmets of Birštonas.

The participants in every route will be introduced with the Culinary history of Birštonas, will drink an afternoon tea the way the nobility drank it in the interwar period, and, of course, will be amazed by many interesting facts, tasks and surprises.

The participants will have to use their heads to solve various puzzles related with the culinary history of Birštonas. They will find out what sort of dishes famous people loved to cook in the interwar period and what dietary and cooking rules were popular among housewives.

You will participate in an orienteering race and will find the most significant and culinary related objects of Birštonas history, tourism and culture. All participants will have a pleasure of tasting various foods in cozy restaurants around Birštonas – they will surely enjoy Italian cuisine, our pride – catfish, and, of course, vegetarian and dietary dishes. Are you ready for a journey full of gastronomic discoveries?