Birštonas is a family resort – your whole family can indulge in amusing, active and creative activities.

Every child is unique and exceptional – one may like active games, while the other will enjoy creative, educational activities, painting or even cooking food. That is why all celebrations, especially a child’s birthday party, should follow your little hero’s wishes and interests. Čiulba Ulba will help you to plan a dream birthday for your loveliest princess or your clever inventor and will take care of your little ones if you have to attend a staff or family event.
The spectrum of party themes is quite broad; thus, your child will enjoy it whether he or she is a restaurant chef to-be, a scientist that is fascinated by wild animal safari or even an artistic soul that loves creative workshop lessons.
Based on child’s age, interests and the number of guests, we will recommend the most suited activities for your little one’s party. Your only task will be to choose the theme and, from then on, we will make sure to create a special day full of adventures, new impressions and unforgettable moments.

You can choose an excursion for your whole family – an orienteering game in Birštonas for both grown-ups and little ones – or you can try out other activities. Birštonas will surprise all visitors – adults and children!

Thematic route for kids: A Squirrel’s Path or How a Squirrel Searched for Health in Birštonas
Welcome to Birštonas – a resort of health and harmony! Let us reveal one small secret – not only the people that come here to regain health and taste healthy minerals are in love with Birštonas. Squirrels, those extremely cute animals, also adore this resort! If you had visited this city before, you surely have met at least a couple of them.
Thus, let us introduce a new route for kids A Squirrel’s Path. Together with this vivacious symbol – Birštonas’ squirrel – kids will go on a journey in search of health. The squirrel heard a rumour that people come to Birštonas for healing purposes, but she could not understand, what is that health? Where are you supposed to look for it? What is its colour? Is it sweet? Does it smell nice?
Together with your guide, you will: look for health, try out Kneipp’s treatment procedures, drink mineral water and find out about its history and benefits, perform tasks on Vytautas Hill and near the Whale of Birštonas (liet. Birštono banginis), learn about the healing powers of mud, get to know Birštonas, its history and famous objects, taste our special and healthy sweet – Whale’s goody. Let’s search for health together with the Squirrel!
Price: 4 EUR/person. Group – 10 and more children.

Orienteering game in Birštonas + logical puzzles
During this game, the participants are divided into separate teams. The goal is to solve various creative, logical, intellectual and educational tasks together with your team. All tasks are related to the cultural heritage of Birštonas. Participants will visit tourist attractions as well as various cultural objects and healthcare locations.
Price: 7 EUR/person. Group – 10 and more children.